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New Locations for Rent

We now have several affordable new locations for student housing available!  Close to University of Waterloo and Laurier University.

These new units include utilities but no internet.

Check out or current locations.

Now Renting 21 Bricker Avenue

21 Bricker Sst

4 Bedrooms $615.00

5 Bedrooms $605

Gas/Water included, furniture is optional.

(Pictures coming soon!)

27 Hickory Street

27 Hickory Waterloo, ON Front

4 Bedroom Units  $585.00.

No internet

Utilities included!

Now Renting 29 Hickory Street

29 Hickory Waterloo Front

5 Bedroom Units $600.00

No Internet

Utilities Included!

Now Renting 23 Fir Street

23 Fir Street Waterloo, ON A&B

5 Bedroom Units $575.00

No Internet

Hydro included!

Now Renting 27 Marshall Street

27 Marshall St. Waterloo, ON

5 Bedroom Units $600.00

No Internet

Hydro included!

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